The Ritter family's home in Vista, CA, with its original concrete tile roof awaiting solar panelsThe Ritter residence now featuring a 7.2 kW solar system seamlessly integrated into the concrete tile roof

Project: Ritter Residence

The Ritter family in Vista, CA, has significantly upgraded their home with a comprehensive Roof + Solar project executed by RC Energy. Opting for a 7.2 kW solar system installed atop their durable concrete tile roof, the Ritters are now enjoying an annual output of 12,132 kWh. This strategic investment not only enhances the aesthetic and structural integrity of their home but also propels them towards substantial energy self-sufficiency. Over the next 25 years, the Ritter family is poised to save approximately $125,057, underscoring the long-term financial and environmental benefits of their decision. This project exemplifies how combining roofing improvements with solar installation can create a harmonious solution that maximizes energy savings and contributes to a more sustainable living environment.

Total System Size

7.2 kW

Annual Output

12,132 kWh

25 Year Savings


CO2 Saved (Metric Tons)
Mature Trees Grown
Car Miles Driven