Project: Jones Residence

In Jamul, CA, a ground-mounted 17.6 kW solar system has made a significant impact, boasting an annual output of 25,109 kWh. This substantial installation not only showcases the property’s commitment to renewable energy but also forecasts a remarkable $281,694 in savings over the next 25 years. The strategic choice of a ground mount for the solar panels optimizes sun exposure, maximizing energy generation and efficiency. This project exemplifies the potential for solar energy to provide substantial financial savings and contribute to a sustainable future. It highlights the advantages of embracing renewable energy in residential settings, demonstrating how well-planned installations can lead to significant economic and environmental benefits.

Total System Size

17.6 kW

Annual Output

25,109 kWh

25 Year Savings


CO2 Saved (Metric Tons)
Mature Trees Grown
Car Miles Driven