The Fortin residence's clay tile roof in La Mesa, CA, prior to solar and roofing upgradesAfter installation: Enhanced clay tile roof with integrated 13.365 kW solar system and battery backup at the Fortin home in La Mesa, CA

Project: Fortin Residence

The Fortin family’s home in La Mesa, CA, has undergone a remarkable transformation with RC Energy’s installation of a solar system, roof renovation, and battery backup. Their property is now equipped with a 13.365 kW solar array on a beautifully upgraded clay tile roof, generating 21,196 kWh of electricity annually. This comprehensive enhancement not only improves the aesthetic appeal of their residence but also promises substantial energy independence with estimated savings of $281,694 over 25 years. The addition of a battery backup system ensures that the Fortins enjoy a continuous power supply, highlighting RC Energy’s dedication to providing integrated, high-impact sustainable solutions. This project perfectly illustrates how combining traditional and modern energy technologies can achieve exceptional efficiency and savings.

Total System Size

13,365 kW

Annual Output

21,196 kWh

25 Year Savings


CO2 Saved (Metric Tons)
Mature Trees Grown
Car Miles Driven