The empty ground space at the Fortin residence in La Mesa before solar installationRC Solar residential installation

Project: Borja Residence

The Borja family in Montebello, CA, significantly upgraded their home with RC Energy by installing a new clay tile roof coupled with an 11.2 kW solar system. This blend not only boosts their home’s aesthetics but also its energy efficiency, with an annual output of 17,184 kWh. Anticipated to save $153,155 over 25 years, this project exemplifies the seamless integration of solar and roofing solutions for optimal performance and savings. The Borjas praised RC Energy, noting, “The efficiency and savings from our new solar system have surpassed our expectations.” This case underscores RC Energy’s expertise in providing tailored energy solutions.

Total System Size


Annual Output

17,184 kWh

25 Year Savings


CO2 Saved (Metric Tons)
Mature Trees Grown
Car Miles Driven